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Pop Art Projects: A Collection of Digital Art Students Work!

Student's in Mrs. Ellington's Digital Art class have finished this year off with a POP! We began this project virtually and finished in person while seeing each other on most weeks only ONE time a week for ALL classes and grade levels! I am so incredibly PROUD of my students. Their hard-work and dedication is extremely evident in their work and I could not be more excited to share their Pop Art Portraits with you!

For the Pop Art Projects student's used the Digital Software GNU Photomanipulation Software or Photopea. Both programs are open source software, free to use, and best of all an Adobe Photoshop alternative! I love seeing students make connections between Photopea versus GIMP with the similarities and functionality of all the tools. Student's discussed value, color theory, digital painting and our biggest influencer, Roy Lichtenstein!

Thank you to my students and parents for your dedication and perseverance this year! I am so proud of you ALL!

This is the way!

-Mrs. Ellington

If you would like to help continue the growth of our amazing program, each student's completed work is available on their Artsonia account. You can show your support of the Kiser Middle School Digital Art Program, the only one of it's kind in the STATE, by purchasing some of your student's original work! All proceeds go directly to the Digital Art Program! They will need the class code which is FPXR-HNTJ

6th Grade Digital Art Students:

7th Grade Digital Art Students:

8th Grade Yearlong Digital Art Students:

8th Grade Second Encore A and B Day Students:

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