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Art education is for all students. It provides learning opportunities for the artistically talented, as well as for students who may never produce art outside the classroom. In whichever category your student may be in, Art will be a learning, encouraging, and enriching part of your student's day.  This art course serves as a prerequisite for all subsequent advanced art courses offered. Course content revolves around the Elements and Principles of Art, creative problem solving, and art history. Students are exposed to a variety of media in two and three-dimensional areas of study. Basic drawing, which serves to strengthen students’ perceptual and cognitive skills, will be the foundation upon which all further areas of study and mediums will be supported.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time.
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Phone: (336) 370-8240
Google Voice: ‪(336) 355-0174‬
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Creating a sketchbook is a reflection of the artist behind it. Each class will be making a reflection of themselves to work in all year long to plan, brainstorm, and research their projects.
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Drawing Foundations and Skill Builder
Students will participate in a skill builder and foundations of drawing mini lessons to build success throughout the year.
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Zentangle Found Object
Students will demonstrate their knowledge of drawing and the Element of Art Line, through a Zentangle found object drawing!
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