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Thank you for your interest in my professional development workshops! I have many options depending on your school's needs and budget. Make your selections below to see a pricing estimate. Submit the form with one or more potential dates and I will get back with you to confirm availability and times. Thank you!

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Would you like for Mrs. Ellington to speak at your school in person or host professional development virtually? Additional fees apply for in-person workshops and for in-person workshops spanning multiple days.
Choose one or more P.D. workshops
Mrs. Ellington can provide one or more professional development workshops depending on the sessions you select. Each session workshop is planned to be either 60 or 90 minutes in duration, depending on your desired session length. If booking multiple workshops, these can take place over one or more days.
How long would you like for each Workshop to last?

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Please choose one or more dates that you would like to have professional development. I will follow up with you to confirm availability and times.

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For sessions spanning multiple days, there will be an additional fee of $250/day for each additional day.

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