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Artist of the Month!

Artist of the Month November: Precious Butts

Precious, a 6th grade student in Mrs. Ellington's Digital Arts Class for the 2020-2021 School year at KMS has been selected for Artist of the Month! Precious has gone above and beyond during our first quarter! Her hard work, dedication, and going the extra mile, is what made Precious an amazing first recipient of Mrs. Ellington's Artist of the Month! I also asked Precious a few questions once she found out that she is being recognized as Mrs. Ellington's Artist of the Month as well as a little bit about her! Please see the Artist Biography as well as her WMC Collage which is below!

"The Mosaic Cloud Collage has been my favorite part of Digital Art so far! My fuel and creativity comes from my funny teacher, YOU! I feel good about being chosen as Artist of the Month!" Her Mom, Regina also said "She pushes herself to achieve her goal and is very much a behind the scenes kind of person! Precious has always been an A’ honor roll student! She loves music, taught herself to play the guitar and piano! Precious loves running and ran in “Go Far” for 3 years and beats her fastest time every time! She loves to draw and is very creative! Precious hopes to be a gamer and create games one day!"

Congratulations Precious! I am so proud of you and thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Mrs. Ellington

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