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Jean Michel Basquiat was a New York Street artist whose work became mainstream in the 1980s. Basquiat’s work dealt with social issues, particularly racism and social order. Basquiat became friends with the Pop artist, Andy Warhol and created numerous works of art with Warhol. Basquiat is considered a Neo-Expressionist, a style in which the artist uses identifiable forms but presents them in an expressive, emotional manner. Neo Expressionism emerged in the 1980s and still continues.


For this exercise, consider the concepts of Neo Expressionism and the approach to expressing feelings/emotions in art that Basquiat employed. Create a work in your sketchbook that expresses your emotions/feelings about yourself or an issue. Do not rely on realism, but do explore how imagery and materials can describe a feeling.

Get out your sketchbook and two pencils.

Romero Britto

Romero Britto is a Brazilian Pop artist. His paintings have been seen around the world, as well as in products, sculptures, and even ships! Strong black lines that divide the image in different sections, various patterns, and lively colors characterize his work.

Britto’ s work can be found all around the world and he now live in Miami, Florida.


For this exercise, divide your page into at least six or more segments by crossing lines. Create a line drawing of either your initials in bubble letter, an animal, or a person. In each section fill the drawing with a different pattern. Add color to the final drawing and deepen the dividing lines with a heavy black line.

When you are finished please do not forget to upload to Canvas and Artsonia!

Before clicking the buttons below, PLEASE watch the video tutorial at the bottom of this page!

Base Image Option 1:  

Base Image Option 2:  

When you are finished please do not forget to upload to Canvas and Artsonia!

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