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All About Picasso

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• Painter and Sculptor
• Born: October 25, 1881; Málaga,Spain
• Died: April 8, 1973; Mougins, France
• Style: Modern

Picasso’s Blue Period
The Blue Period refers to a period in Picasso’s life in which he painted primarily in shades, tints, and tones of blue. Picasso painted many people suffering: the poor and destitute, the lonely, and those struggling.

Picasso was influenced by the suicide death of his close friend. He fell into a deep depression. At the time, many were uninterested in this style of work. Shortly after this time, Picasso’s work shifted to a more pleasant style and mood called the Rose Period.

Complete a sketch in color that uses color in an emotional manner. Use
color and gesture to describe the feelings of the subject. Use color as

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