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All About Georgia O’Keefe

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• American Painter
• Born: November 15, 1887
Near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
• Died: March 6, 1986 (aged 98)
Santa Fe, New Mexico
• Style: Modern

O’Keefe’s Close Up Flowers
Georgia O’Keefe has been called the “mother of American Modernism”. Georgia O’Keefe refrained from joining in on the trends of art, but instead cultivated her own style of art inspired by nature (flowers and landscapes) and the places she lived (New York and New Mexico). Her close up studies of flowers are iconic. She often developed her works in a series of paintings of the same subject. Her flower series are among her most famous works. Over her lifetime she produced thousands of paintings!

Select an object from nature (e.g. shell, leaf, flower, etc.). In your art journal or a
sheet of paper, create a close up drawing in color or fully tonal black and white
close up drawing of your object. Show the texture, tonality, and consider your
composition when creating the layout of your object.

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