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All About Banksy

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• Painter, Installation artist, graffiti
artist, and Sculptor
• Born: 1974; Bristol, UK
• Style: Street Art

Banksy- Street Artist
Banksy is a British Street artist whose work has political and social undertones. Banksy’s political stance is anti- war and anti-consumerism. His work was featured in an Academy Award nominated documentary, has been featured in many museums and galleries, and has been purchased by celebrities. Banksy employs juxtapositioning in his work to make a statement. His work often combines unexpected elements blended together.

In an art journal or on a sheet of paper, create a work of art that juxtaposes two contrasting items together to make a statement about how you see a particular topic. For example, Banksy took a dove (a symbol of peace) and juxtaposed it with a target and a bulletproof vest. By using these images together, it creates a different meaning and challenges the viewer to think in a different way. For your concept, consider how you can use juxtaposition in your work.

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