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All About Andy Warhol

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• Born: August 6,1928;
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
• Died: February 22,1987; New York City, United States
• Painter, Printmaker, Sculptor, Photographer, Filmmaker
• Style: Pop Art

Marilyn Monroe, 1962

Andy Warhol is perhaps one of the most famous artists of his time. Warhol was fascinated with images from popular culture, including everyday items, actors, musician, celebrities, and popular events. Warhol’s images, constructed using silkscreen, photography, and painting, toyed with interesting color relationships and repetition. Warhol’s fascination with celebrity cultured turned him into a celebrity himself, who mingled the very celebrities he idolized. He became wealthy and famous during his lifetime, started a magazine, and created hundreds of works of art and films.

"In the future everyone willbe famous for 15

Andy Warhol

For this activity, select a symbol, person, or object from current popular
culture, and create a work of art in your sketchbook that utilizes repetition
(at least four times) and a color relationship (primaries, complements,

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