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All About Albrecht Durer

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• Born: May 21, 1471,
Nuremberg, Germany
• Died: April 6,1528,
Nuremberg, Germany
• Painter, Printmaker
• Style: North High Renaissance

Hare, 1502

Albrecht Durer was one of the most prominent artists of the Northern Renaissance. His luscious prints, beautiful portraits, and detailed illustrations of animals and plants made him one of the
most important artists of the Northern Renaissance. Durer became the leader of his time, by introducing the principles of perspective and mathematics into the art of northern Europe. His paintings, printmaking techniques, and books inspired his contemporaries to develop new techniques.

For this exercise, look at Durer’s attention to detail when drawing and painting animals. Select an animal and sketch an animal in your sketchbook. Sketch from observation. Spend them majority of your time looking at your subject to accurately describe the textures and shapes that capture the feeling of the animal.

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